Bali: Running On The Island Of The Gods


Exotic, colorful and quiet, Bali's beaches are absolutely heavenly. Here's what it's like running them.

If you are going to run in Bali, the beach is the best place. Many parts of the island are still under-developed, so you will find it difficult to find smooth roads or trails unless it’s for hiking.


If you are planning to run, try to do it in the early morning hours because the heat can become unbearable later in the day.

Bali is one of Indonesia’s 34 provinces and is an exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. While the majority of Indonesia’s population are Muslim, Bali is vastly different because most of the people are Hindu. You will feel this difference the moment you enter the airport. It’s a very spiritual island, which is why it has been dubbed the Island of the Gods.


I have never felt so far away from home in my life until I visited Bali. There are hardly any signs of Western life, although I did notice that McDonald’s found their way there. So exactly how far is Bali? An estimated 10,128 miles from New York. It’s one LOOOONG flight. Most likely you will have to take more than one plane to get there.


While out on my run, I noticed many beautifully handmade, colorful offerings scattered along the shore, as well as several people praying. It’s a uniquely fascinating sight…one still imprinted in my mind. That day I realized how significantly tiny I am in comparison to the rest of the world.


The locals are extremely friendly. I saw this group of young men playing a card game and asked if they could teach me.


I stayed at a divine Indian ocean-view hotel called The Seminyak. The service was perfect, the view heavenly, and they have many delicious healthy juice options available for you.



  1. Try to run in the morning
  2. Be respectful of the offerings you see lying on the beach
  3. Be mindful that people may be praying as you run by
  4. Don’t be alarmed if you see little crabs run past you. If you are like me you will probably freak out a little bit so wear your shoes and don’t go bare foot


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