Racing Bigger And Bolder In Boulder Colorado’s 2013 10K


The Bolder Boulder Colorado 10K is challenging and exciting. If you're not used to running at higher altitudes, it's a race that will literally take you to new heights.

The spirit and community of the city of Boulder makes the Bolder Boulder 10K one of the most memorable races in America. Even Runner’s World Magazine recognized it as America’s All-Time Best 10K, which is why I have done it two years in a row and will continue to do so.

The starting line is long and wide with 31 start waves going off in a very orderly manner, so you don’t feel crushed by other runners. IMG_0783

Once the gun goes off, then the fun begins. The entertainment is endless. The food, well let’s just say besides the bananas, you will find an array of sugary and salty treats such as Oreos and Doritos. Don’t worry!  You can wash that down with water or Gatorade. The aid stations are stocked.  If you are feeling adventurous and you haven’t set out a goal for your personal best that day, there is no shortage of alcoholic beverages. If you are a daredevil and feeling brave, there are plenty of keg stands to quench your thirst.




Somewhere along the way, if you start sweating too much and need to cool off, a Slip and Slide is readily available to give you a refreshing spritz.



Along this race course, I guarantee you will laugh! Watch out for little ones that might squirt you with water. On a serious note, this race is NOT for sissies! If you are traveling from out of town, be aware that you are not in Kansas anymore. You are in a mile high city, which means there is an altitude change which can affect your body. I promise your lungs will feel it,  so be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the race.



Overall, it’s a great event for the entire family. Even if you have babies that can’t walk, you can still do the race. I saw many parents strap their baby to their back or tummy. I noticed more young children racing than any another other race I have done.


IMG_0753There will be at least one Elvis sighting, along with many other celebrity sightings.  I consider professional runners celebrities, so you can imagine how my jaw dropped when I spotted my favorite running idol Deena Kastor.



IMG_0790 Once you cross the finish line the fun doesn’t end there. You will then be handed a goody bag and beer, followed by a fabulous Memorial day tribute.






Have you done the Bolder Boulder? What has been your favorite destination race? Has altitude ever impacted your running?