Monte Carlo: Running Where the High Rollers Play


Monte Carlo is filled with swanky hotels, fancy restaurants and glamorous beaches. It's also a great place to run. Here's why.

Monte Carlo is where the international high rollers come to play! This city is filled with swanky hotels and classy people. It’s a gambling town with glamorous beaches and a ridiculous amount of wealth. This picturesque city is located along the French Rivera coast. I have been here two times and have done the exact same running route each time because it’s safe and you get to view the city from multiple different angles, while experiencing spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.



My run starts at the luxury hotel Monte Carlo Beach Club, which is best known as the Beach Club to the Grimaldi Royal Family of Monte Carlo. Even more fitting that you began on Princess Grace Avenue!


Staying on Princess Grace Avenue will lead you to the palace of the royal family. Yup! there is a castle here with royal guards. They do a very traditional changing of the guard ceremony too.  The route is relatively flat, but you will encounter a few staircases along the way.  The climb is totally worth it because the views overlooking this historical city are exceptional.


You will encounter many photo ops along the way, so be sure to bring your camera phone.


Depending on what time of year you visit, Monaco has a warmer climate and you will at some point need some water, so either carry a water bottle or be sure to bring some euros with you. I love that there are vending machine outside along the harbor, allowing me to get a bottle of water without any fuss.



The Monaco Harbor is boat heaven. It’s full of extremely lavishly priced yachts. You will definitely get a good laugh from some of the names too.




The most prestigious road race is held here every year in May, you may have heard of it… The Monaco Grand Prix. The majority of this running route runs along the race course which will be evident by the red and white stripes that are painted on the road. Along the way you will also encounter the Champions Promenade, which is the uniquely imprinted feet of the Grand Champions of the the Grand Prix. It reminds me of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where all of Hollywood’s biggest starts put their handprints in the side walk. Enjoy your run!





If you want to know more about the glam and the glitz of Monaco, check out this great resource, outlining 8 reasons to visit Monaco.

  1. Destination with easy access
  2. 300 days of sunshine a year
  3. One of the safest places in the world
  4. A diverse choice of hotels
  5. Image, refinement and service
  6. A wide array of amenities
  7. Broad choice of leisure and actives
  8. English is commonly spoken among many other languages




Where has your most luxurious running location been?

Where would you like your next running vacation to be?