Whether For Work Or Play, San Diego Has A Running Route For You


With its ocean views, boardwalks and pathways, San Diego has a running route for everyone. Here are two of my favorites — one for business, the other for pleasure.

In San Diego, California you will have breathtaking ocean views, endless boardwalks, and concrete paths to run on while the wind blows through your hair.

I stayed at the luxury boutique style W Hotel in downtown San Diego. It’s an upbeat, trendy, electronic house music blastin’ in your ears when you walk in kind of hotel, with sour granny smith apples that melt in your mouth, and rice crispy treats waiting at the door when you enter and exit.

The location of my hotel gave me the flexibility to explore incredibly scenic routes.


Here are 2 options you can run depending on if you are in San Diego for business or pleasure.

1. If you are on vacation take the Harbor Excursions Ferry to Coronado. It costs $4.25 each way. You can spend the whole day in Coronado. It’s a modern beach town with lots of boutique shops, and tons of restaurants and cafes. I wanted to check out the swanky world-renowned Hotel Del Coronado, a gabled styled luxury hotel. Once I got off the ferry I made a right on 1st street and headed a few blocks to the beginning of Orange Street and started my 2 mile run. During my run I saw these super cute airplanes made of soda and beer cans by an army veteran.


I ran until I couldn’t go anymore or I would have been in the Pacific Ocean. I walked into the Hotel Del Coronado to use the restroom, hotel restrooms are a safe and no cost way to take a potty break on a run. I didn’t think the actual interior of the hotel was all that impressive, but the hotel’s location was picture perfect. I continued running another mile until I couldn’t run anymore because there was a military base that didn’t allow me to go any further, so I ran back in the other direction. I didn’t get much further in the other direction because there was more military blockage. It took me about 30 minutes to run back and forth.


I headed back towards the ferry and missed it. Keep in mind it leaves every hour on the half hour. So instead of waiting I decided to explore another path. I had noticed a bunch people with bikes exit the ferry towards the east end of the island. For those who are directionally challenged as I can be at times, this is the complete opposite direction from Orange street. I found this path to be another gem. I loved it because there was hardly anyone else on it except for a few cyclists, but no heavy pedestrian traffic.






2.If you are in San Diego for business, run along the Port of San Diego. You will have no problem doing a breezy 5K run along the Pacific Ocean. If you head northwest towards San Diego Airport you will find that there is less crowds. If you head south you will find moderate to heavy pedestrian traffic on the boardwalk; strollers, pedicabs, and the occasional cyclist. But if you don’t mind doing a little dodging here and there you will find endlessly unique ocean views, city sights, and pathways that weave in and out of city parks like Embarcadero Marina Park. The park is green and lush and you can get some great pictures there.


So there are my two San Diego running routes for you. Happy running, cycling, or walking. You can do all three on these routes.



I’ve never done any road races in San Diego. Have you?