Father With Brain Cancer Wins Marathon With Daughter In Stroller


A father with brain cancer recently won a marathon while pushing his daughter in a stroller. Here's how his story inspired me as I ran my own race.

A very inspiring story by Lester Holt was airing on NBC nightly news last night as I was lying out my running clothes for my 5 mile Join the Voices Race Against Cancer in Central Park this morning.

It was about a father with brain cancer, who won a marathon while pushing his daughter in a stroller. Ironically, this man, Iram Leon and his daughter Kiana were at the starting line of the NYRR Join the Voices Race Against Cancer. I had the brief opportunity to meet Iram after the race. His goal is to continue to share every moment and memory with Kiana. I wanted to share with you this photo that I took of him and his daughter, and share with you his extraordinary blog post about his recent marathon win! Iram is a true warrior, and inspiration to not just runners but the world.

I also wanted to share about a scholarship fund that has been made for his daughter Kiana. Donate here: http://www.donationto.com/Sports-Society-Fund-for-Iram-Leon

As for me I survived my first 5 mile race/run post NYC Marathon. I’m nowhere near as fast as Iram with a stroller!